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junzo-sen Product Guide
Junzo-sen Product Guide

What is Junzo-sen?

-Bottled in Japan
-High-percentage of fruit juice, up to 100%
-Most beverages contain high amount of fruit pulp so you will feel “drink like eating”
-No artificial flavors and colors
-Wide range of more than 20 flavors, up to 3 bottle sizes
-Long shelf life - 1 year from production at room temperature

Junzosen Fuji Apple 100 Surioroshi Poste
Junzosen Japanese White Peach Poster A1-
Junzosen Blueberry 50 Surioroshi.jpg
Junzosen Cranberry 50 Surioroshi.jpg
Junzosen Pear100 Poster A1-size 201910.j
Junzosen CB100BB100 Poster A1-size 20191
Dean&Co. Craft Soda Poster A1-size 20191
Dean&Co. CRAFT SODA BROCHURE +Bergamot 202103.jpg
Junzo-sen Golden Peach 202108.jpg
Junzos-sen Kokumitsu-Carrot Creamy Soup.
CRANCLEAN CranberryEX brochure 202106.jpg
Junzo-sen 100% Berries series 202105.jpg
About us
Marukai Osaka office
We export our beverages to various countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, USA, Canada etc.
Please feel free to contact us!
Product Line up
Junzo-sen Product Guide2020-4.jpg
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