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Searching for

a taste of nature

Everything started from this honest feeling.
We are seeking to be a company which shares the impressive moment brought by the natural taste with you.


Dean&Co. 直七クランベリーちらし INR61146-00-02.jpg

New Arrival


Tosa Bergamot Soda

"A memorable noble scent" Tosa Bergamot soda.

Sophisticated foam, unforgettable scent, and elegant taste.​

195 ml 500 yen (excluding tax)

​Scheduled to be released in early July

Keep the taste of fruit as it is.
​A discerning manufacturing method that has not changed since old times.
​We are proud of the various flavors!
Dean&Co. クラフトソーダ
Smoothies popular with women
and stylish sodas.
​A lot of attractive beverages you can find!
アピヘルス マヌカハニー
Wide varieties of New Zealand Manuka honey that cannot be found anywhere else.

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We will offer you our ranges full of local and seasonal flavors.
Suppliers of food ingredients
and final products
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Please offer your attractive products to us.


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