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Raw Materials

Blessing of nature

Carefully raised by producers. Unique to each area.

Attractive as they are.

We appreciate those raw materials and do not rely on chemical additives as much as possible.

We love natural taste of the raw materials themselves.

From Nagano Prefecture

We are impressed by the "Fuji apples from Nagano" raised by Nakahira Farm in Matsukawa Town, Nagano Pref.

Fuji apples grown in Nagano, the place surrounded by mountain ranges 3,000m high and away from the sea.

Due to the inland climate, Nagano has a large temperature difference between summer and winter, as well as day and night.

Due to the small amount of rainfall and snowfall, apples are grown with non-bagging culture technique which makes apples get exposed to direct sunlight.

This way apples become very sweet and juicy with plentiful honeycore, and they can be ripened on trees until around December.

From Kochi Prefecture

We are impressed by the "Tosa Bergamot" raised by Nishigomi Citrus Orchard, in Haruno Town, Kochi Pref.

Bergamot cultivated in Japan is very rare, and it has been about 10 years since the first cultivation.

After a decade of hard work, they finally reached to a full-scale harvest.

The scent of Tosa Bergamot is wonderful, elegant and graceful, yet relaxing.

It is described as "a memorable noble scent" and you will be captivated by its charm.

From Tokushima Prefecture

We are impressed by "Koku Mitsu Carrot" raised by Yamagami Farm in Kaiyo Town, Tokushima Pref.

The deep reddish-orange colored, sweet like nectar carrot is loved and produced by Yuki & Katsuhiro Yamagami and is named "Koku Mitsu Carrot" ("Koku" means deep red color and "Mitsu" means nectar in Japanese).

The secret of its sweetness is the blessing of the clear stream of Kaifu River, unique soil making, and cultivation method.

And above all, Mr. and Mrs. Yamagami's great dedication is the most important component of this carrot.

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