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A Japanese Craft Juice brand Junzo-sen collaborated with a sake brewery Kikusui, both from South Nagano.
Blending a Honjyozo Nigori Sake "Shiroki Tenryu" and Japanese craft juices of Junzo-sen has resulted a harmonic marriage.

Honjyozo Nigori Sake
"Shiroki Tenryu" by Kikusui Shuzo

An award wining nigori sake which has rich aroma of rice and creamy mouthfeel.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Gold Winner

2021 International Wine Challenge: Great Value Winner

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is one of the world's most important wine competition founded in 1984.

The SAKE division founded in 2007 and now it is the largest and most influential event outside Japan.

In 2021, 1,499 brands entered and 103 Gold medals, 255 Silver medals, 312 Bronze medals and 619 commended awards were selected.

The perfect balance between refreshing acidity and the unique sweetness of rice gives this a gentle and robust flavour reminiscent of juicy red honey apples ripened in warm Japanese sunshine.
It has the sweet aroma of a freshly hand peeled ripe peach. Fresh flavours of peach combined with the unique richness of nigori sake make this a full flavoured and juicy fruits liqueur.
A crisp fruity finish with soft sweetness unique to nigori sake. This sake is fresh and refined with notes of freshly pealed pear.
The refreshing aroma of yuzu and its crisp and refreshing bite of acidity paired with the exquisite umami of rice gives it a unique and refreshing taste that makes you want to take another sip.
Pairing Guide
Apple + Nigori Sake
with  Chinese / Korean cuisine
にごり酒りんご 酢豚.jpg
The great balance of sourness and sweetness pairs well with sweet and sour dishes, also salty-sweet dishes. Chinese or Korean cuisine
would make great parings with this liqueur.
Pear + Nigori Sake
with  Chicken / Pork / Deep fried food
The gentle sweetness of pear and the light body pair well with grilled or deep fried meat dishes. The fruity flavor of pear brings out the real taste of the dish, especially chicken and pork are recommended.
Peach + Nigori Sake
with  Cheese / Cream Sauce / Sweets
The sweet and melty mouthfeel of peach makes great pairing with cheese and dishes with cream sauce.
Fresh cheese matches with the rich texture of nigori sake.
Sweets like custard pudding or ice cream would be excellent too.
Yuzu + Nigori Sake
with  Grilled fish / Escabeche / Hot pot
The aromatic flavor and the taste of yuzu give a good accent to simple dishes. Splitting with soda would refresh your mouth when having the fatty fish or deep fried food.
It also pairs well with sour tasting dishes or dishes with sour sauce like Ponzu. Please enjoy with hot pot or boiled tofu in winter time.
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